The entire idea with the Partner Program is to secure that our partners grow their business, in the most engaging and smooth way possible. 

Here you find the essentials of our perception regarding  collaboration with partners.

Our goal is to help growing your business

And we do so by sharing

LEADS - If you wish to take on more customers, Hoodin will match all incoming leads to our partners. Hoodin does not perform any own direct sales.

KNOWLEDGE -  At the Hoodin partner portal, we will share the common knowledge in cases, examples and stories from how other partners has sold and delivered solutions where Hoodin has been a central component.  On top of shared knowledge, you will get access to training and coaching. 


SALES AND DELIVERY SUPPORT - Upon request, you will have staff available from Hoodin that can support you regarding how to sell, how to build a platform with our API and more. Everything we can do to help you grow your business the smoothest way possible.  


REVENUES - As a partner, you will get discounts or incentive on every licens you or your clients purchases. But that is just one part of a deal. Our intention is that any partner shall be able to sell and deliver own services on top of Hoodin. Such as front-end development, implementation and advisory, system integration and more. 

Advice more (and merrier) as a partner

"It is more than a partnership. It is a business catalyst."

Business advisors

Advisors who work with clients to make operational improvements in a business regarding insights and knowledge. 


Hoodin receive requests from companies every day. 

All these leads shall be matched towards our partners.

Hoodin will match each request to a partner, based upon best match according to the partners profile. If you have any question regardning the lead matching, you are welcome to contact your Partner manager. 

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Access to the Hoodin Partner Portal is granted to signed partners employees only. 

Any information at the partner portal is confidential and must not be shared to third party.

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