Partner portal 2.0 - a portal to grow your business

Portal portal 2.0 is just launched! This portal is designed to support your business and provide you with assets and tools needed to sell and deliver client value. Our ambitions with the portal are set to allow you to get 24/7 support in sales, marketing and implementation of Hoodin to your clients. We are proud to introduce you to a well informative and extensive platform. We hope it will be very useful and seen as a supplement to the partner journey.

So how about this blog?

The idea with the blog is that we post plattform and business news. You will most likely receive news via email too, but here is a good place to store them all.

What would you like to know more about?

Hoodin is and shall always be a transparent and an open company and we embrace the dialogue. Tell us what you would like to know more about, if there is an industry solution needed or if you have an idea for a feature you would like to suggest for the plattform. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact, Market manager.

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Access to the Hoodin Partner Portal is granted to signed partners employees only. 

Any information at the partner portal is confidential and must not be shared to third party.

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